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Helping Young Adults Find Housing

A 501c 3 IRS Certified Non-Profit Organization

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Who We Help

Young Adults, generally 18 -24 years old.

What We Do

KY Housing Advocates was formed to help young adults in search of housing. Breaking the homeless cycle of young adults by providing education, case management and assistance to secure housing.

KY Housing Advocates is dedicated to bridging the gap between homelessness and housing for young adults who have exhausted all other available resources. We are committed to providing transitional housing through a trauma-informed approach, advocacy, and case management. Our goal is to facilitate empowerment that leads to permanent self-sufficiency for homeless young adults. We serve any in need young adult between the ages of 18 to 24 including, but not limited to, high-risk populations such as LGBTQ, parenting, minority, those experiencing human trafficking or domestic violence, disabled, or exiting foster care in Louisville.

Success Story

We’ve help a young mother with 2 babies find housing after they were living with relatives and friends. We’ve worked with DCBS and KY Housing to secure a Family Unification Voucher for this mother that allowed them to find an apartment. They now have stable housing.

About KY Housing Advocates

KY Housing Advocates was formed to help young adults, in most cases with children in search of housing and other housing related matters. We offer assistance with housing searches, lease negotiations and work with landlords and property managers to assist and facilitate successful results for young adults and their children.
Our group of advocates is experienced and very well-connected with the nonprofit service providers in the greater Louisville area. We primarily serve young people and their children who are homeless, about to be homeless or are experiencing housing instability. There is never a charge for our services and we cooperate with all area nonprofit groups.

Board of Directors

President & Treasurer

Rick Cuddihe
Founder & Advocate

Vice President & Secretary

Tom Cox
The Oliver Group

Board Member

Darlene Benzick
Relator/Child Advocate

Board Member

Todd Allen

Board Member

Barry Marek


Natalie Harris
Coalition for the Homeless


Corbin Hannah
YMCA Safe Place


Joe Hamilton
Home of the Innocents


Jeff Culver


Thomas Evan
Family Scholar House

KY Housing Advocates Collaborators

Some of our community partners are: The Homeless Youth Advisory Board, Coalition for the Homeless, Alltrade Property Management, and Family Scholar House.

Looking For Affordable Housing?

Click Alltrade Property Management to see available housing units.

Do you have a housing unit you would like to share with KY Housing Advocate clients? Please send information to

Know the facts about homelessness in Louisville, Kentucky

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Our 2nd Chance Leasing Program offers training and opportunities for individuals with an eviction on their record to get a lease once they have completed the program. Once they’ve completed the program we’ll contact property managers explaining the individual has completed training on renter responsibilities.

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According to the Coalition for the Homeless, the latest available figures indicate about 1,100 people slept on the streets or in shelters on any given night in Louisville, with 10% of those outdoors and 90% in shelters. That number does not include people who experience housing instability but choose not to seek services.

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We’ve developed a renter’s education training program that helps individuals experiencing difficulty finding housing better understand tenant responsibilities and the importance of becoming self-sufficient.